Bridlington Nursery School

“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

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Bridlington Nursery School

“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

Kind Words

You do a great job. All three of our children have loved coming and we have always been very appreciative of the care and devotion to developing their skills. 

I think it’s perfect as it is.  

Pleased with how well her speech and overall learning and independence is coming on.

I am pleased with it all. 

(Child’s name) seems to be pronouncing words a lot better and he doesn’t cry when going into the gates.

The range of equipment and activities the children have access to.
Friendly staff.    

(Child’s name) loves coming to nursery and really thrives from learning. She talks a lot at home about teachers, peers and activities she has been doing.            

Pleased that (child’s name) is learning and coming. On really well and so proud of him going up in January as he is doing really well in nursery. (Child’s name) loves this nursery and his friends.       

I am pleased with the communication between the teachers and children. The respect between them. Also the education.          

The variety of learning they do. 

(Child’s name) loves coming to nursery and speaks so highly of her teachers, the effort they put in to ensure the children are happy and having fun is amazing. Seeing regular pictures of activities she is accessing is really helpful and looking at all the work on her online learning journey is fantastic we often look through this with (child’s name) and talk about what she is doing.      

I have had so many worries about (child’s name), with her speech her fall backs and her toilet training and honestly my worries have being reassured and dealt with amazingly. Also I have being feeling very down and needed support and I have had all of that honestly me and (child’s name) would of being lost without you all.

Very pleased with (child’s name) progress in talking and confidence.

I cannot thank you all enough for the help and support you have given to (child’s name). Makes me feel that he’s been supported and well looked after.

Very friendly and helpful staff that go above and beyond for the children in their care.

Fabulous nursery!

(Child’s name) thoroughly enjoys coming to nursery school and has made massive progress since he started in September. The amount of support he receives for his S.E.N is fantastic and I feel involved in all aspects of his care/needs. I would highly recommend this nursery school.

Made such great progress, thank you to all staff for making my daughters learning journey one of fun, and happy smiles.

Thank you for providing such a fun, loving environment for (child’s name) to be a part of and for the extra care she receives with her foot.

I am very pleased how easy (child’s name) settled in to nursery, she always wants to go to school.

Very happy.

We love this nursery and all the staff.

No comments to make.

A good school and my child is very happy with it. Thanks a lot for making my child happy to learn.